Italian-American Police Association      Western New York
Italian-American Police Association
Western New York
P.O. Box 1194, Ellicott Street Station, Buffalo, New York 14205
Welcome to the IAPAWNY Website !  Our 7th Annual Randy and Roseanne Burgio Golf outing and Wings Flight Hope Annual BBQ events are coming soon! See Events section for details. Hope to see you there!!

Dear Members and guests,
  Thank you for visting the IAPAs homepage. Feel free to visit anytime. The IAPAs members consist of men and women who work within the criminal justice field and are first generation Italian immigrants or descendants. If you are interested in joining our organization and meet the criteria feel free to download an application and bring it to any general meeting. If you would like to contact us you may do so by email. If you would like us to call you please leave a phone number. Thank you.
Steve Lanza President, IAPAWNY


IAPAWNY Member of the Year 2015

Officer of the month Niagara County Sheriff deputy Joe Tortorella
Who under the most stressful conditions he was engaged by an individual who just shot his parents & was forced to exchange gunfire. With peace of mind he notified the dispatcher of the circumstances and to have a nearby school locked down. We are so proud of Joe, thank you for your exemplary service.

 Joe Tortorella 

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June 2016 outing is at Wings Flights of Hope grove,
3964 California Rd Orchard Park NY
$25.00 week of & at door $30.00

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 We are proud to announce Jim Lema as August's member of the month. Jim consistently avails himself to all of the IAPA's numerous events. Congratulations Jim, thank you for your service.


Sam Amato is the 2013 Recepient of the  WNY IAPA Presidents award.


History of the IAPA of WNY
 As told by Charlie Fieramusca...

  The Italian American Police Association began when Angelo Fatta got an idea in his head about starting a club consisting of Italian American Police Officers. Accordingly, Angelo Fatta is considered our founding father. Eight of us got together and held our very first meeting in the old Show-up room on the fourth floor of Police Headquarters, 74 Franklin Street. I was appointed as the first recording secretary and Angelo Fatta was named our first President.
  The minutes of every meeting including that very first meeting have been preserved and passed on from recording secretary to recording secretary. To the best of my recollection, the members in attendance at that first meeting were: Angelo Fatta, Nick Martone, Louis Russo, Angelo Alessandra, Anthony Curletta, Anthony Manzella, Joseph Lascola, and Charlie Fieramusca. In addition, Angelo Cannizzaro and Joseph Nigrelli were appointed to the original board of directors.
  We began as a fraternal organization and over the years established goals and objectives as listed in our by-laws. We have grown into a strong, widespread organization which is dedicated not only to bringing together Italian Americans who are members of the criminal justice system, but more importantly reaching out to members of the community who are in need.
  In 1974, a young Police Officer assigned to the fifth precinct in Buffalo was tragically killed in the line of duty. His name was David J. Scime; he was the first member of our association who was killed in the line of duty. We established a scholarship in his name and every year since his death; this financial scholarship is awarded to a graduate of McKinley High School, David"s alma mater. We also award a second scholarship at Lafayette High School annually in the name of Robert Insalaco, yet another member of our association who was killed in the line of duty.
 Membership to our organization has since grown to all areas of the criminal justice system. We are a proud, strong organization dedicated to helping members of our society who are less fortunate than we are. It is our goal to continue growing and helping our community far into the future.
Charlie Fieramusca
First Recording Secretary
Past President, I.A.P.A.


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