Loft Recording Studio Buffalo
Loft Recording Studio Buffalo
48 Dellwood Pl. Cheektowaga, NY 14225

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Digital Audio Recording
MULTI track
Analog Tape
2 to 24 Tracks!
Digital & Analog
Fully Equippied
Studio Room with Keyoards, Drums, Guitars, and more
On location
Audio & Video


CONSOLE - German made Audio Engineering 56 channel x 24, transformerless, sweepable EQ, 8 AUX sends, 12 sub groups, 640 point TT patchbay, SMPTE based Mega Mix Automation
Direct Interface - 32 Channels of electronically balanced rack mounted direct boxes wired directly into main TT patchbay for quick set up to any of YOUR outside gear

MICROPHONES - Neumann U47, Neumann U87, AKG C414EB (2), AKG 451 IB (2), AKG 224E, Sennheiser 421, Shure SM81, Shure SM57, Shure Stereo MS Pattern, Groove Tube MD -1 tube mic & MD -2 tube mic - both with tube power supply, Audio Technica 4030A, Shure Vintage, AEA R84 Ribbon

MICROPHONES PREAMPS -NEVE VintageStereo, Groove Tube VIPRE mono, Demeter Tube Stereo, SYTEK MPX4 quad

EQUALIZERS - Summit Dual Program Tube Equalizer, Audioarts model 4200A Parametric Equalizer, Ashly stereo 15 band, Ashly stereo 32 band
COMPRESSORS - Valley People 440, Summit tube leveling compressor TLA-100A, Orban 536A De-sser, Behringer composer dual channel limiter, gate & compressor
NOISE GATES - Behringer Intelligate XR 2000 - 2 stereo pairs, Ashly SG-33E, Behringer Stereo Denoiser

DIGITAL DELAYS, REVERBS, HARMONIZERS - T.C. Electronic M5000 digital Reverb, Pitch shifter, multi effects w/complete digital in & out, Eventide Harmonizer 910, Sony DPS R7 digital reverb, multi effects, Dynacord DSP 20 Digital Reverb, Yamaha REV7, Vesta 1020 DDL, MAM anlog filter effects
AURAL EXCITERS - BBE 822A Maximizer-stereo, EXR SP1-stereo, Behringer ULTRAFEX EX 3000 with surround sound

MONITORS - Tannoy DMT 12 series, Tannoy DMT system 8, Auatones 4" referance, Mono 4" Realistic speaker with 2.5 watt amp for TV and Radio listening, 6- channel Headphone system with AKG K-141 & AKG 280S headphones,Transmission broadcasted over FM radio!

MONITOR AMPLIFIERS - Crest 3500 series, Hafler 125, Quad 330 60 watt (British), ROLLS seperate mix per headset system, Rane HC6 6-Channel Headphone Amp

SYNCHRONIZATION SYSTEM - SMPTE & MTC midi lockup to any analog, digital Multi-track machines & 3/4" or 1/2" video machines. JL Copper Adat SMPTE and MTC generation from ADAT sync 9 pin

DUPLICATION CD & CASSETTE - Burn with Verification-Good for small runs. Cassettes-yes they are still out there! Mastering Mashines Tascam 122 Mark III plus 4 balanced input and output, Marantz PMD 510 Dual cassette, Duplicators- KABA Real Time and Double Time audiophile cassette duplication systemControl Room Gear


STUDIO DRUM SET & PERCUSSION - Sonar 5-piece set with Paiste ride and crash cymbals, Zildjian Hi/hat, Pure Tone acoustic gates and Assortment of Percussion Instruments

STUDIO GUITARS - Fender Strat, G&L Bass with EMG pickups and Acoustic 6 string

KEYBOARDS- Kurzweil K2000S library of sounds, Kimball 5' Acoustic Baby Grand Piano

GUITAR AMPS/PREAMPS & SPEAKERS - Trio Groove Tube Pre-amp with Rocktron 150 watt amp and Bag End speaker cabinet with 1-12 EV, Pearce G2X, Tube Works Blue Tube, Groove Tube SP1 BASS pre-amp with parametrix EQ, Limiter and Exciter, SAN AMP DI box

COMPUTER/MIDI/OS & SOFTWARE - Call for latest list

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